Meet Heroes in pajamas

Aleš Kramolc

Although I can’t walk, I can still safely drive home young people from parties.

Žiga Breznik

I take care of myself and my loved ones, the roads won’t.

Barbara Slaček

Safe drive home means just one call home. I ensure you they will be happy to pick you up.

Janez Hudej

Change the culture of driving before traffic incident changes your life.

Ivo Ozebek

Traffic incident confined me to a wheelchair. Because I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, me and other heroes in pajamas will drive people home from parties.

Matej Lednik

I don’t wish to anyone what happened to me. Always ensure your loved ones have a safe transport home, even in the middle of the night and in pajamas.

Borut Pervanja

Don’t let my story repeat itself. Always take care of a safe drive home.

Nino Batagelj

You can’t turn back the time, so really think about your decisions: they always bring consequences, good and bad.