Heroes drive in pajamas

An initiative for less driving under the influence of alcohol

What is the initiative Heroes drive in pajamas?

Heroes drive in pajamas is an initiative for less driving under the influence of alcohol. It aims to lower the number of instances of drunk driving and raise awareness about harmful drinking among young people by including all participles to make this change happen: youth, parents and local community, especially in the rural areas where chances for alcohol-related traffic incidents are twice as high as in the cities.

Today, alcohol is the cause for every third fatal traffic incident and almost a quarter of these are caused by young people between 18 and 29 years. This is one of the challenges that encouraged us to use integrated approach in local areas to change opinion and behaviour of young people, and empower local community for listening to suggestions and measures stated by young people to secure better traffic safety for them.

Prize-winning initiative

Initiative has received the award of the European commission for best practice on the field of traffic safety, Excellence in Road Safety Awards, and also several others advertising awards.


Model of implementation - integrated approach in the local community

Activation of all participants

In collaboration with youth centres, schools and municipalities, our initiative is calling upon three sides at the same time: young people to not drive under the influence of alcohol, parents to always ensure safe transport of their children, even in the middle of night and in pajamas, and local community to implement suggestions and measures as stated by the young people to ensure better road safety in the local community.

Local Discussions – structured dialogues

Through structured dialogues young people, experts and representatives of local communities come up with concrete suggestions for better traffic safety, which are then executed through action plans of municipalities, involved in the initiative.

Workshops for young people and parents

We perform preventive workshops about traffic for young people and their parents in a local community. Workshops are conducted by our ambassadors, which had themselves a traffic accident and suffered a spinal cord injury. Through their personal experience they explain to the young people the information why it is so important to be safe and responsible while driving. Workshops are interactive and they involve methods of youth work and a practical part.


Disabled, who were injured in traffic incidents, drive young people home from parties safely and without charge in places where there are no taxis or organized public transport. By this they raise the awareness about dangers of drunk driving right at the spot of potential danger, and at the same time ensure safe and free drive home with cars, adjusted according to their disability. We want to show that a hero is someone who ensures safe transport of their close friends and family, even in the middle of the night and in pajamas.


Heroic drives - Regions involved​​